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A. Prepare the necessary tools.
B. Choose the surface for installation and prepare necessary weather resistance procedures.
C. Spread the Great Stone out at the job site so you can review the final appearance.
D. Check the rear surface of the pieces for cleaningness. Brush the surface to clean if required.


E. Use circular or table saw for trimming.
F. Hatchet can also be used if preferred.
G. Use mortar mixer to mix dedicated adhesive with water and apply to the working bed.
H. Also apply to the backside of the stones.


I. If corner pieces are required for your job, work on these first (Try to avoid cutting for corner pieces for completeness look. Notice that the corner pieces have a long and a short leg. Alternate these in opposite directions.
J. Use trowel to scratch off excessive adhesive around the stone.
K. Apply the same procedures to install flat veneer
L. After the worked area is completed, use grout bag to fill in the dedicated adhesive to all the joints. Care must be taken to avoid smearing of mortar on the surface of the stone.


M. When the mortar joints are thumb print dry, use a wood stick or metal joining tool to point up the joints.
N. Rack out excess mortar, compact and seal edges around the stones before the mortar joints have become firm.
O. Use soft brush to tidy the stone surface.
P. Job completed.

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